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Odor-control-and-reduction-odor-by-water-misting-and-appropriate-chemicalsMGF misting systems are often used for odors control, in particular industrial sectors where is essential to comply strict regulations about odorous particles emission in the atmosphere.

In Europe, the standard in the field of odors is the EN 13725, which was launched in April 2003: "Determination of odour concentration by dynamic olfactometry".

The scientific community asserts that we can perceive an odorous substance when this reaches a minimum concentration in the atmosphere, said perceptibility threshold.

The emission of unpleasant odor by harmful substances is regulated mostly where, in close proximity to population centers, there is the presence of sources that may annoy the inhabitants, such as:

  • Waste treatment and disposal plants
  • Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Livestock farms
  • Chemical industry
  • Paper mills
  • Iron and steel industry
  • Food industry
  • Oil refinery

MGF has developed over the years technologies that allow you to monitor and reduce odors in a completely automated way, thanks to the electronic management of its facilities, intervening when necessary and only when necessary.

An important innovation was in fact the introduction of the electronic nose, which is defined in the scientific field as a "tool that includes a set of specific sensors and an appropriate system to identification the smell" (Gardner e Bartlett - 1994).

The combined use of electronic nose, automated control systems and odor control chemicals, has enabled our clients to solve specific problems of odor emissions, allowing them to improve their business, always in compliance with the current standards.

Our technical department is available to study the technical feasibility of chemical products tailored to the needs of customers on the basis of chemical analysis, in order to make particularly efficient deodorizing action.