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deodorization-treatment-plant-odor-neutralizationA note Venetian food industry uses our system for deodorizing sewage plant to break down and neutralize odors by means of spray nozzles, with the use of water spray mixed with appropriate chemical odor neutralizers.

In particular, the sewage tanks and sludge disposal area were treated, by the combined action of several factors:

  • The odor neutralization with chemicals: the atomization of active molecules that are transported in the atmosphere from air motion using the same forces that transport of odor-causing molecules.
  • In the atmosphere, malodorous molecules are electrostatically attracted by the droplets of water spray and already thanks to this thing tend to precipitate, with immediate effect deodorizing.
  • In contact with the chemical deodorant, it creates a chemical reaction that changes the molecular structure of the substance smelly realizing not only deodorizing effect made, but a real bad odor neutralization, eliminating the molecule that generates the odor.
  • The cooling effect of fog helps to slow down the chemical processes that generate malodorous molecules, reducing at source the cause of the odor.
In this way you do not fancy a masking odor, obtained by superimposing one pleasant, more intense, smell to the unpleasant one.
The masking of odors, in fact, only make difficult the perception of odors, while existing, and may be dangerous, if is not perceived concentration of malodorous substances above the threshold levels of toxicity required by law.