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Solutions provided by misting

The fields of application of spraying are different, thus misting businessmen are now able to work throughout the year, contrary to what they think those who use nebulizers only for summer cooling.

In general, misting applications are effective solutions to several problems of cooling, fire protection, humidification and dedusting. Misting systems are in fact extremely simple and therefore are easy to install and to maintain. Compared with competing systems also consume less energy and water, and therefore are cost-effective.

energy-evaporating-waterEvaporative cooling or adiabatic cooling, is the most well-known use of high-pressure water spray (misting).

The process of evaporation of the water absorbs energy (heat) from the surrounding environment thus reducing the temperature. For example, due to sweating and subsequent evaporation of sweat, you get the removal of heat from the body, and its temperature decreases. The water to evaporate therefore needs heat.

To better understand the process of cooling by evaporation of water in contact with the air, we can think of it as a sponge that is able to absorb, encompass, the water spray in the form of steam.

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MGF misting systems for adiabatic cooling of air conditioners and refrigeratorsAs is known the high summer temperatures worsen the performance of refrigerators and chillers up to make it impossible to have adeguate heat exchange. In the worst conditions of the refrigeration systems are stopped due to poor cooling of the refrigerant.

For this reason more and more of business put in place measures aimed at improving the efficiency of air conditioners. Among many solutions one of the most effective is the use of MGF adiabatic coolers that allow, at low cost, to greatly enhance the performance of refrigeration cycles.

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MGF-pump-air-humidification-treatmentMGF is now able to provide all the necessary technology for humidification, from the production of small domestic installations to large industrial facilities with high water flow rates up to 300 L / hour .

Our components include nozzles, hoses, fittings, pumps and electronic control systems, all tailored to the achievement of humidification systems environments.

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Relative humidity is a percentage index that expresses the amount of water vapor present in the air relative to maximum amount of water that this volume of air might contain.

greenhouse-humidifier-misting-system-mgfThis index we hear about every day is of fundamental importance in several fields. In fact, the humidity control improves wellness of humans, animals, plants and cultures and influences the productivity in different industries.

Misting systems, as well as for cooling, are successfully used for humidification, a crucial parameter for the productivity in various processes:

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Odor-control-and-reduction-odor-by-water-misting-and-appropriate-chemicalsMGF misting systems are often used for odors control, in particular industrial sectors where is essential to comply strict regulations about odorous particles emission in the atmosphere.

In Europe, the standard in the field of odors is the EN 13725, which was launched in April 2003: "Determination of odour concentration by dynamic olfactometry".

The scientific community asserts that we can perceive an odorous substance when this reaches a minimum concentration in the atmosphere, said perceptibility threshold.

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Evaporative cooling or adiabatic cooling is the way to reduce air temperature by evaporating water mist. 

In fact water evaporation requires energy (think about the energy provided by a fire to evaporate the water inside a pot on a stovetop). During evaporation the same energy is taken from environment in the form of temperature.

Umidificazione delle cantineWater sprayers, misting systems can be used to regulate relative humidity inside rooms or air threatment units. This process is called adiabatic humidification or active humidification. When low relative humidity levels are dangerous for human health or for the process, a MGF humidifier is perfect to increase the relative humidity. I.e., during winter, heating systems are reducing relative humidity level and MGF humidifiers are raising back humidity level to acceptable levels, good for termo hygrometric wellness.

At the same way, humidification improves the quality of meat, fruit and vegetables storage inside cold rooms. Many processes require high humidity level to improve the product and reduce wasted parts: typographies, wood working, electronic industry (static charges reduction), plastic molding, iron industry...

Many industries solved low humidity level thanks to our misting systems.


abbattimento polveri e odori in discarica con acqua nebulizzataThe fog like scrubber for unpleasant odors. The water spray is an effective vehicle for the transport of chemicals capable of reducing odors. The fog also thanks to the diffusion in the air creates a barrier against odors.

The nebulization of water-soluble molecules capable of neutralizing the odors is revealed a winning solution in many cases, in particular for organic substances, sulfides, ...

Thanks to this MGF allows you to create effective deodorization systems, environmentally friendly and natural.