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Misting Products by MGF: discover the wide range from a manufacturer

Discover the wide and complete range of products for nebulization made ​​in Italy by MGF: pumps, fog units, fans, kits, electronic devices for control and start-up of the sprinklers, pipes high-pressure resistant and suitable for misting, fittings, nozzles, accessories: everything you need to install a misting system, as well as value-added services that we provide to our customers.

Programmable-supervision-system-iControl-MGFiControl is the innovative system of supervision for nebulizers designed and produced by MGF.

With this system it is possible to monitor the environmental conditions and check the sprinkler system in an intuitive and intelligent way.

Intuitive: in fact, the parameters are set via a rotary knob that will not make you regret the obsolete operator interfaces button. The setting is done so in the most natural possible way and you do not need to perform any operation to store the data.

Intelligent: all the useful functions for spraying are integrated in this little device: bleeding procedures of the nozzles, planned maintenance of the pumps, management system based on heat index, scientific parameters that take into account the temperature and the humidity simultaneously.

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Our high pressure misting pumps covers all the possible applications field described in this web site. From very low flow rate pumps for cold rooms humidification, to cheap and professional high pressure misting pumps for bar and restaurants, to robust ATOM models for dust suppression to very high flow rates for odor suppression. Out top level systems are also equipped with electronic control to check humidity and temperature and to adjust pressure to maximize the cooling effect without wetting the floor.

The design philosophy of our pumps is based on high quality standards passing through the use of high quality materials, such as ceramic pistons, cylinder heads in hot forged brass for highly efficient design configurations, as the crankshaft  configuration or the transmission coupling able to compensate any thermal expansion, and the accurate testing on each pump, even the cheaper, before shipment.

In our wide range you'll find by sure the right pump for your application, cooling, humidification or water mist.