Misting Solutions Manufacturer

Fog, Misting, Cooling, Humidification, Water Mist

cooling-cattles-barnMGF systems can be used in agriculture to achieve:

  • cooling of the animals in summer season
  • reduction of ammonia
  • reduction of dust and insects
  • disinfection and reduction of bacterial charges

The application contexts are very different and each requires different conditions from the others:


  • cattle farms
  • pig farms
  • poultry farms
  • horses farms
  • dogs farms
  • .... and much more

As a manufacturer, we can also offer our customers customized solutions that can better respond to the different needs.

We produce misting systems that can adapt and integrate with any existing context and through the development of a sophisticated technology, our systems are managed electronically and in a totally automated way.

Sensors for temperature and humidity control units, will ensure the best conditions for your livestock, leaving you with all the necessary autonomy to vary the parameters, to spray in the most correct and not harmful way, always in the respect of the real needs of the animals.