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Misting applications in agriculture: cooling, humidification, disinfection

Discover the uses of spraying in agriculture: MGF nebulizers are used on farms to cool, for active humidification in greenhouses, irrigation and fertilization, in the milking parlor for cooling and disinfecting, in waiting rooms (cooling and well-being of the animal), for the reduction of heat stress and the reduction of death by asphyxia in poultry farms.

Using a MGF misting system for greenhouse humidificationThe control of the correct level of humidity in the greenhouses is a fundamental prerogative for the yield and the growth of the crops, with the purpose to avoid dehydration of the plant.

Low humidity levels in fact brings to excessive transpiration and therefore leaves are withering and drying.

On this page we explain just why it is often necessary to increase the humidity of the greenhouse, why it's really important to do so and how MGF nebulizers make the difference in achieving this goal.

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Keeping a good humidification preserves the freshness of the food, prevents dehydration and makes storage longer.
Humidification, in fact, reduces the loss of weight of foods, and keeps unchanged the same economic value.
In the food industry, you can get excellent results, thanks to MGF misting systems used for manage and control humidification in specific environments.

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