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adiabatic-cooling-chickensEvaporative cooling in a chicken farm:

  • Reduction of mortality from heat and asphyxiation
  • Increase in weight at the end of growth
  • Automated disinferctions of the environments
  • It doeas not wet bedding, maintaining high standards of hygiene

The death due to asphyxiation in of poultry farms increases a lot during the summer season and many farmers are facing a serious problem that undermines their production and their investments.

Thanks to MGF misting systems it is possible to face this hard reality. 


Evaporative-cooling-chicken-farmOur systems allow a lowering of the temperature, which, thanks to the electronic control, can reduce the mortality of chickens or completely remove the problem.


The investment for the installation of the system, will be profitable in a short time since it will preserve the value of your breeding and last but not least, the health of the animals.