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Misting applications in industry: cooling, humidification, dust suppression

Example of MGF misting systems applied in industryMisting systems investments in industries have breakeven times very shorts.

Many times humidity control ensures better product quality (think about an apple stored for months into a cold room, or a textile company working wet or dry cotton, or a typography).

Even the process is better: textile waste reduction, steelworks have controlled cooling... and environmental quality is even improved, thanks to the fine dusts reduction and bad smells elimination.

Cooling pigs is a must for every farmer during summer: the problem of heat stress is a phenomenon that occurs during summer season and leads the animals to lower their body temperature.

Even pigs are subjected to that, in fact, to an experienced eye can hardly escape the alarm signals launched by the animals. Observing their behavior we will immediately see the difficulty breathing, increased respiratory rate and breathlessness. As a stop gap measure, pigs seek refreshment in the pools of water, where available, and thanks to

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MGF misting systems for dust suppression in foundriesIn foundries the sprinkler systems are used for the removal of wet dust and odors. Nebulizers have advantages and disadvantages compared to other systems for dust filtration and removal. In this article we identify and analyze our technologies used to reduce the risks arising from dust within the plant, and reduce the complaints that may arise from the presence of dust and odors that spread outwards of establishment.

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misting-humidification-textile-industryAs is known, the humidification is of fundamental importance both in printing houses that in the textile sector. In both cases, the raw material is hygroscopic, meaning able to absorb or release water vapor present in the atmosphere. This feature involves a not insignificant consequence, the product in fact change its mechanical characteristics, in particular the size (expands or shrinks according to its internal moisture), flexibility (increased humidity leads to greater flexibility), the specific weight (a greater water content increases the specific weight) and the ability to charge electrostatically.

All these phenomena can affect the production process positively or negatively, so the humidity control can create an ideal climate for a production of high quality and without waste.

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precooling-external-unit-conditionerThe MGF misting systems are more and more frequently used for pre-cooling the incoming air of the outdoor units of air conditioners. In this way you get a higher efficiency and a lower energy consumption.

MGF misting systems are installed on large industrial refrigeration plant and air conditioning systems and their versatility also allows to use them in small household systems.

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