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Application Fields of Misting Systems

Water atomization is used in various fields , due to three main areas:

  • Civil life: water spraying is mainly used for summer outdoor cooling of large covered areas such as shopping centers, factories, tourist resorts. No less important is the landscaping and the generation of stage effects. In recent times it has become more important humidification through misting, which is important to ensure termo hygrometric wellness.
  • Agriculture: in agricultural field misting is used for cooling cattle against heat stress, and other animals farm: horses stables, pigs stables, chickens and poultry farms, turkeys, dogs ... a second application is the automated disinfection of environments. In the agronomy nebulization is used for the adiabatic humidification of greenhouses and cold storage rooms, as well as for the irrigation of green walls.
  • Industry: the industrial field, in addition to the cooling of the workplace , the atomization is used for cooling processes (production of steel, forges, foundries ...) , for the humidification of the environment ( textile, paper, wood industry... ) , for the dust removal and deodorization of the environments .

Using a MGF misting system for greenhouse humidificationThe control of the correct level of humidity in the greenhouses is a fundamental prerogative for the yield and the growth of the crops, with the purpose to avoid dehydration of the plant.

Low humidity levels in fact brings to excessive transpiration and therefore leaves are withering and drying.

On this page we explain just why it is often necessary to increase the humidity of the greenhouse, why it's really important to do so and how MGF nebulizers make the difference in achieving this goal.

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Keeping a good humidification preserves the freshness of the food, prevents dehydration and makes storage longer.
Humidification, in fact, reduces the loss of weight of foods, and keeps unchanged the same economic value.
In the food industry, you can get excellent results, thanks to MGF misting systems used for manage and control humidification in specific environments.

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Cooling pigs is a must for every farmer during summer: the problem of heat stress is a phenomenon that occurs during summer season and leads the animals to lower their body temperature.

Even pigs are subjected to that, in fact, to an experienced eye can hardly escape the alarm signals launched by the animals. Observing their behavior we will immediately see the difficulty breathing, increased respiratory rate and breathlessness. As a stop gap measure, pigs seek refreshment in the pools of water, where available, and thanks to

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MGF misting systems for dust suppression in foundriesIn foundries the sprinkler systems are used for the removal of wet dust and odors. Nebulizers have advantages and disadvantages compared to other systems for dust filtration and removal. In this article we identify and analyze our technologies used to reduce the risks arising from dust within the plant, and reduce the complaints that may arise from the presence of dust and odors that spread outwards of establishment.

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Discover the uses of spraying in agriculture: MGF nebulizers are used on farms to cool, for active humidification in greenhouses, irrigation and fertilization, in the milking parlor for cooling and disinfecting, in waiting rooms (cooling and well-being of the animal), for the reduction of heat stress and the reduction of death by asphyxia in poultry farms.

Example of MGF misting systems applied in industryMisting systems investments in industries have breakeven times very shorts.

Many times humidity control ensures better product quality (think about an apple stored for months into a cold room, or a textile company working wet or dry cotton, or a typography).

Even the process is better: textile waste reduction, steelworks have controlled cooling... and environmental quality is even improved, thanks to the fine dusts reduction and bad smells elimination.