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Passive-house-mistingMGF misting systems can be used with success inside passive houses (passiv haus) for cooling during summer and for humidification during winter.

As well known in passive house concept stands for an home that using less energy than the energy produced: this is possible by use of renewable energy locally: solar heating, photovoltaic systems, geothermal energy, wind energy are main sources used in passive houses.

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Village-with-MGF-cooling-systemOur cooling systems in civil cooling, humidification, fire fighting (watermist).

Our misting systems have been installed for many years in private gardens, restaurants, pools and satisfy our customers both for cooling, to remove insects, for aromatherapy and chromotherapy.

In homes, offices and museums, water nebulization is used to control the environmental humidity , in order to improve the people wellness . The installation takes place inside the air handling unit (AHU) and allows you to create an invisible system that adds moisture to the air environment when it is too dry, such as in the winter.

The water mist misting systems are used very effectively in confined spaces such as garages, libraries, parkings... in these contexts, the advantage of using nebulization to tame the fire is particularly evident.

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cooling-cattles-barn-with-mgf-misting-systemsWater spray in agriculture: animal cooling in farms, disinfection of farms, odor reduction, humidification of the greenhouses and cold storage for vegetables.

 In agriculture, our customers reduce costs and increase the yield of their activities as using the misting system for: cooling of animals, against the thermal stress; disinfection of farms and odor abatement.

Discover the full range MGF for water spraying. Solve your problems with cooling your farms and milking rooms. Check and adjust the relative humidity in the cold room. Shoot down the dust and odors thanks to appropriate chemicals. Nebulizers MGF are constantly evolving to ensure the best result. Ask for a free offer.

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nebulizer-fan-for-cooling-of-the-workplaceThe misting is also for customers in the industrial field: cooling (foundries, plastic molding, steel industry, food industry...), humidification (cold storage, food industry, textile industry, paper industry ...), dust suppression (wood, concrete, ceramic industry, quarries), odor control (water purification systems, chemical industry...). 

The cooling of the working environment is made ​​compulsory by the laws on health and safety at the workplace, with particular reference to the optimal temperature and humidity.

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