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Passive-house-mistingMGF misting systems can be used with success inside passive houses (passiv haus) for cooling during summer and for humidification during winter.

As well known in passive house concept stands for an home that using less energy than the energy produced: this is possible by use of renewable energy locally: solar heating, photovoltaic systems, geothermal energy, wind energy are main sources used in passive houses.

On the other side the passive house is reducing at minimum thermal transmittance, thus the energetic needs are very low while keeping thermo hygrometric parameters at an optimal level.

Since many years MGF is playing an active role in COemission reduction game, manufacturing a complete line of tools for installation and maintenance of thermal solar systems, infrared cameras for thermographic analisys of structures. Today we are putting under lights a useful misting application: air cooling and humidification inside mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) used in the passive houses.

Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) is used widely in passive houses because allows air exchanges necessary for the wellness, without heat dispersion. In this way the mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) is reducind at minimum the home energetic needs.


Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) way of working can be explained in this way: the mechanical ventilation is continuously exchanging air between home rooms and outside, to eliminate bad odours, to increase oxygen concentration, in particular it takes out bad quality air from rooms like kitchens and bathrooms, takes oxygen rich air from outside and put it inside lounge and sleeping rooms.

During this process inside heat recovery unit is taking heat fom air coming out and is heating the air coming in. In this way is like having open windows without energetic costs.

Outcoming air in fact is heating (during winter) or cooling (diring summer) air coming in, thus reducing energetic consumption.

Cooling and humidification with misting in passive house

A misting system by MGF can be used with success during summer to cool down outcoming air in order to increase the delta temperature, making more efficient the heat exchange process with very low costs.

In the same way it is used to increase the relative humidity of incoming air during winter season, when heating reduces the humity level under the threshold thermo hygrometric wellness.

Of course the misting technology is a good partner of passive house technology since it is a low consumption system and could provide a sensible reduction in heating / cooling costs. 

After calculations, it'easy to demonstrate that misting can be a complete replacement of air conditioners inside low thermal transmittance houses.